'Teen Mom 2' Crossover: Why Kail Invited Devoin To Talk On Her Podcast

For starters, it wasn't a 'bashing fest' about Briana

Devoin made his MTV debut back in 2011 when he and Briana welcomed Baby Nova on 16 and Pregnant. During tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode, Kail wanted to speak with the young father about his past and present.

"I saw that we were overwhelmed with messages [on our Instagram] to have Devoin on our podcast," Kail told her Coffee Convos Podcast co-host Lindsie. "I messaged him [on Instagram] and asked him if he would want to come on, and he said yes."

Kail elaborated that "nobody hears his side of it because he always gets shut down" -- and the mother of four wanted to "give him the chance to talk."

Kail and Devoin traveled to meet Lindsie in Atlanta, and before the trio sat down, Kail insisted that this would not be a "bashing fest" against Briana.

"It's more to clear the air type of thing," she stated.


Some background: Devoin grew up in Lansing, Michigan, and he met Bri on social media during high school.

"We ended meeting each other, and next school year we started dating," he reflected. "I want to say four months into dating, she's pregnant."

Devoin's favorite hobby is cooking (Nova isn't exactly a helper in the kitchen), and he has a "pretty good" relationship with his daughter.

"I guess Briana was upset about you not showing up for Nova. What is your side of that?" Kail posed.

Devoin admitted that it was his fault that he forgot to pick up his little girl and that he is "not the most perfect person."

"Most of my friends are fathers too. All the same age. Some of them are worse than me. There are worse people than me. I'm not the most perfect person, no. But just seeing how freely their baby mother's give them their kids, it's like, 'What the f*ck is wrong with me?' I'm not a felon; I ain't got nothing on my record. Why won't you just throw her at me?'"

Kail and Lindsie's advice for Devoin: Put everything in writing.

"If you can't agree and be normal humans with each other, then you have to fall back on the custody arrangement," Lindsie offered.

Kail appreciated getting to know Devoin and the "back story," and Devoin was thankful for "the opportunity." What did you think of the candid conversation? Give your take in the comments, and keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday at 8/7c.

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