One Direction React To 'FOUR' Album Leak In The Most Gracious Way Possible

The guys wish fans would have waited, but are grateful Directioners like it.

One Direction had many chances to air their annoyances on Sunday (November 9) when the fivesome streamed an interview with friend, director Ben Winston, live on Google. Winston wasn't afraid to go for the tougher questions, asking them their thoughts on FOUR leaking before its official November 17 release.

Anyone else could've gone on a rant, but Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Harry handled the question calmly.

"It's two ways," Liam Payne said, sharing a couch with his four other bandmates. "It's obviously something we've worked really hard on. When it leaks, it's kind of anti-climatic for us. At the same time, they love the stuff that's come out."

Niall Horan, a little more ticked, wished Directioners would have been more patient. The album found its way online a few days ago with just two weeks until it drops.

"It's so close to coming out," he said. "You could've waited another week and you could've had the real thing."

But Harry Styles had faith in the fans, saying that, even though there are some people who will take an illegal listen, they'll still buy FOUR to contribute to the band's charting and album sales numbers. The guys also said, out of loyalty, there are tons of fans who refuse the temptation of an early peek -- much like last year's Midnight Memories leak.

"We're lucky that our fans hear it, and then when it comes out, they want to buy it anyway because they want to support us," Styles said. "It's kind of like when Radiohead put out that album for free and then people went and bought it."

Well, for those rule-abiders out there, the guys are doing a sort of "controlled leak" of their own. Starting tomorrow, those who pre-order the album will get five songs -- one a day -- before release day. Just remember, pals: Good things come to those who wait... like this acoustic performance of "Steal My Girl" the boys gave us just seconds after the live stream ended:

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