One Direction's Midnight Memories Leak Tempts 'Weak' Fans -- But Others Wait

1D's fans have A LOT to say about the album, officially out November 25.

One Direction may have planned for their third studio album, Midnight Memories, to hit retailers on November 25, but the music gods had a different plan for it. It leaked a week early, giving fans an early glimpse at the release, their follow-up to 2012's Take Me Home.

And, yes, fans are swooning.

So, with Justin Bieber making a strong case for "Diana" as his favorite track on the album, what other songs are Directioners feeling in the wake of the leak?

@niallersuxx voted for "Happily is definitely my favourite so far on Midnight Memories." Meanwhile, other fans like @WaverlyLoves1D couldn't pick just one favorite song, noting, "Midnight Memories has like the best songs ever!"

The album is a feast for the ears, full of chugging pop-rock anthems, synthy flourishes, folk-influenced tunes and upbeat party jams. Still, @hxrrycliffordd had one criticism about the album and notably its first single. "best song ever really doesnt fit in with the rest of the songs on midnight memories."

That one hang-up hasn't stopped fans from gushing about the release, which has been declared "bloody mature." @dimpIeharry wrote, "ive been thinking of nothing but midnight memories all day long i want to die to this album." @NalanySalamiixD added, "Midnight Memories is just so..... damn good. Its literally the only thing on my playlist right now."

While fans are listening to the album, others have vowed to wait until it officially gets released. @NoaEndeX shared, "I decided to not listen to Midnight Memories till the actual release date. I know i'm weird but i just think it's more honest..."

Regardless, there are some fans who are giving in to temptation and blasting it, even if they feel a little bad about it. @janalouisee tweeted, "Omfg I couldn't resist and I'm listening to midnight memories right now! I'm screaming and crying and everything. F---!!!!!! It's perfect!"

@loopdeloopmofo added, "in some ways i feel bad about listening to midnight memories but i`m weak, i know that."

While other Directioners like @its_cilla_ had one final message for fans everywhere. "k even tho the boys' album leaked we all need to go out and buy it still because they deserve a #1 album<3 #november25th #MidnightMemories."