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Ariana Grande Just Dropped A Sultry Lyric Video For 'Love Me Harder'

No wonder Ariana Grande's mom was shocked by the video!

The sexy lyric video for Ariana Grande's "Love My Harder" that totally SHOCKED mama Grande has finally arrived.

The lyric video is styled as a sultry collection of bedroom boudoir photos and scenes from the Weeknd's basement appearance. Grande shared some her mother's off-put remarks after seeing the clip earlier this week, commenting, "When I get you moaning???? That's what he's saying?"

After the duo performed the song "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend, the pop star posted a snippet of the soon-to-come Alfredo Flores-directed video. Wearing a leather skirt and crop top, Ariana joins The Weeknd in a dimly lit underground stairwell to sing the third single off her My Everything alubm.

An official drop date for the full-length music video is yet to come, but as Ariana promises it will be "soon."