Ariana Grande Brought Her Cat Ears And The Weeknd To 'SNL'

The singer performed 'Break Free' and 'Love Me Harder' with The Weeknd.

Ariana Grande is sticking to her theme y'all. After sporting a pair of black cat ears onstage and on the red carpet at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Ari decided to bring 'em along to studio 8H, where she was the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" with host Chris Pratt.

We're guessing Ariana is:

a) Really committed to accessories

b) Planning on wearing her pre-Halloween costume all through October

c) Getting seriously superstitious with some black cat magic.

If the cat ears are at all a good luck charm, she certainly didn't need it for her "SNL" debut.

In her opening number the pop star perched on a black piano, cat ears on top of her signature high ponytail. She began singing "Break Free" as a ballad, then skipped over to the larger stage to return the song to its high-intensity electric feel, neon disco lights flashing for her and the dancers to have an intergalactic dance session.

For her second performance, Ariana slowed things down with "Love Me Harder." She was joined by The Weeknd, who made an appearance to duet on their song, facing each other while singing "'Cause if you want to keep me/you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder."

And lest you forget that Ariana actually got her start in acting, she made a cameo as an action figure come to life in the "He-Man and Lion-O" sketch. We're digging her outfit.

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