Ariana Grande Invites You Into Her Bed In 'Love Me Harder' Set Pics

Her mom is shocked, SHOCKED at Ariana's moaning now that she's seen the lyric vid.

Ariana Grande is feeling snuggly in the latest behind-the-scenes pics from her "Love Me Harder" video. After performing the song with the Weeknd on "Saturday Night Live," Grande posted a brief snippet of the Alfredo Flores-directed video on Tuesday (October 14), including one where she's laying on her bed staring longingly into a mirror.

There's also a brief snippet in which we see Ariana making some bedroom eyes from said bed and hanging out in what looks like a very dark basement club with Weeknd.

On Monday she promised that the lyric video AND the regular video were coming soon.

And, just in case all this video shooting, superstar treatment stuff started going to her head, Ariana can always count on her mom Joan to put her in her place about leaving cherry tomatoes on the floor of her bathroom.

And get a bit bent out of shape when she finally sees the lyrics to "Harder" in the lyric vid.