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Beyoncé Just Redefined What A Ponytail Is Capable Of Achieving

Gravity not included

Beyoncé is really feeling the emerald high-slit cocktail dress lately, but one bold statement-making hairdo made her ensemble for Serena Williams's wedding a look to remember.

The nuptials of Williams and Alexis Ohanesian drew Bey, Kelly Rowland, Kim Kardashian, and many more to New Orleans, and Beyoncé opted to stick with a familiar silhouette for the wedding of her dear friend. It was her cascading curls tied up in a ponytail that made the outfit, though, and she showed off her tresses with a couple of Instagram pics (as she's wont to do when she's understandably feeling herself).

Please appreciate a hair-flip so epic, so effortless, that it nearly dwarfs Bey's body entirely with its height and reach. However many shots it took to immortalize this beautiful breach of the laws of physics, it doesn't matter, because the end results are stunning.

That perfect pony didn't get in the way of her carousel ride at the party, thankfully.