A 7-Year-Old Wants To Change The Jedi Marriage Code, And Lucasfilm Agrees

The young superfan wrote a letter asking if he can get married and still be a Jedi.

It's a time of great uncertainty and excitement in the "Star Wars" universe. The new "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" trailer hit the web and "Rogue One" details are emerging. Among all this, a child had the temerity to question one of the oldest tenets of the Jedi Order -- its unofficial marriage ban.

"Star Wars" superfan Colin, 7, has hopes of becoming a Jedi when he's older, but he also wants to get married and start a family. But being a dedicated young Padawan, he knows "There is no emotion...there is no passion" for a Jedi. So he wrote to the ultimate arbiter of the Jedi Code, George Lucas, asking him to update the Jedi marriage restrictions. His letter, which Geek Dad posted Thursday (April 16), was short and to the point:

Well, the filmmaker responded to the sincere request. Lucasfilm sent Colin a package of goodies, including a marriage-friendly interpretation of the code: "To be a Jedi is to truly know the value of friendship, compassion and loyalty. And these values are important in a marriage."

Colin's mom filmed her son's priceless reaction, which you can watch below:

By the way, for anyone assuming "Star Wars" has faded in popularity by now, let's recap -- it just made a kid get excited about marriage.