Demi Lovato Gets Dystopian AF In This 'Confident' Video Teaser

Demi's totally dauntless in her new video sneak peek.

Demi Lovato has officially transformed herself into a kickass futuristic screen heroine, and she's 100% "Confident" you're gonna like LOVE what she's laying down right now.

The singer-slash-actress enlisted the capable hands of director Robert Rodriguez to helm the music video for her newest single -- which shares its name with her upcoming Confident album -- and, as he promised, this "high octane action film" is totally poised to knock our socks off with all the grit and girl power.

In the brief teaser, which Demi shared on her Instagram Tuesday (Oct. 6), she appears to be imprisoned in some bleak quarters as a bunch of sniveling dudes in suits -- headed by her "From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series" co-star Jeff Fahey -- proceed to stamp her arm and haul her off to a dark, dusty cell.

Although that's all we see in the snippet, we know good and well that Demi laying there all defeated isn't the end of this story. Not even close.

Because not only do we still have another powerful lady friend in the mix by way of the always ass-kicking Michelle Rodriguez ...

... but this is Demi's liberation album, ya'll, so there's no doubt she's not going down without a fight. She's just biding her time in that last frame; we can feel it.

Demi's full "Confident" video officially drops on Friday, Oct. 9.

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