Michaela O'Shaughnessy | MTV

Demi Lovato Will Sing About Sex If She Wants To On Her Upcoming Album

'I feel very liberated,' she said.

There's no denying that Demi Lovato is exuding confidence as of late.

So much so that she's gone and titled her upcoming fifth album, Confident (Oct. 16), which represents exactly where she is at this point in her life.

"It definitely was kind of a no-brainer when we called it Confident, " Demi recently told us. "Also one of the songs on the album is called 'Confident.' Whenever I make an album and try to think of a name, I always look to the track list and what song represents this album the most, and not only did it represent my entire album, but it represented where I am in my life, so it was a very, very easy choice."

It's been three years since she released her self-titled album, and since then, the "Cool For The Summer" singer has grown a lot as an artist -- "I was able to hit notes on this album that I've never hit before," she said -- and as a person.

"Being able to sing about things that I've always wanted to sing about, but just always was worried about being the role model, but now if I want to sing about sex or this or that, I'm going to sing about it," she said. "So I feel very liberated with this album as well."

Demi is also taking on a new attitude with this album, saying goodbye to all the "sob stories and the tales" and is making music that is personal to her.

"I think to a certain extent you are always going to people please a tiny bit, you have to keep in mind what's going to play on radio, it's a game, but at the end of the day I didn't let that make all the decisions," she said. "On the last album I strictly went 'I need hit songs so let's put that and that and that,' insead of being like 'does that fit where I am today with who I am? And is that really what I want to say?'"