Demi Lovato Got These Two Legendary 'Badasses' For Her 'Confident' Video

And we predict what could happen.

It seems as if Demi Lovato is turning her next music video into a mini-movie, and she's enlisted the right people to help her out.

The singer revealed that not only is she shooting the music video for her new single, "Confident," but that famed director Robert Rodriguez will be making her vision come to life.

Now this isn't as random as it may seem since Demi recently filmed a guest starring role on Rodriguez's show, 'From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series,' which just so happens to be the show that her longtime BF Wilmer Valderrama appears on.

“I was so impressed by Demi’s fearless performance as a guest star on my TV series “From Dusk Till Dawn” that I jumped at the chance to direct her video,” Rodriguez said in a statement. “I basically treated this like we were shooting a high octane action film, because she has the presence and star power to pull it off. She’s incredible.”

And if you're going to film an action sequence, then it makes total sense to invite someone who has plenty of experience with that, and that is "Fast and The Furious" star Michelle Rodriguez, who, along with "From Dusk Till Dawn" actor Jeff Fahey, will be starring alongside Demi in the video.

Demi posted this pic with Robert and Michelle with the caption, "So honored to be working with these two badasses: the legendary director @RODRIGUEZ and the legendary actress @MRODOFFICIAL!!"

The crew is currently filming the clip in Austin, Texas and for those of you that have followed Rodriguez's career know that this won't be your ordinary music video. Rodriguez is known for pushing the envelope, taking a unique cinematic approach and has a penchant for the dark and sometimes gory.

So what can we expect from Demi's "Confident" video? Here are some guesses.

  1. Demi In 'Sin City'

    One of Rodriguez's most well known projects was "Sin City" where he brought the Frank Miller comic book to life, but incorporating violence, sex and a whole lot of action.

  2. Demi Has A Machete

    Taking a page out of Rodriguez's "Machete Kills," we can totally see Demi as a gun slinging -- or machete slinging -- assassin, as she takes down her opponents because she is just raging with confidence. Michelle also starred in this movie, so she could probably teach her a thing or two.

  3. Fast & Furious

    Michelle isn't afraid of a little adventure. Seriously check out her Instagram -- she's a total badass. So we would love for her to teach Demi her "Fast and Furious" skills by getting behind the wheel and taking off in a high-speed chase through the Texas town.

  4. She's A Spy Kid

    Maybe Rodriguez will throw us completely for a loop and take a page out of his family adventure comedy, "Spy Kids," and turn Demi into a secret agent. I'm down for that.

  5. From Dusk Till Demi

    Rodriguez specifically wrote a part for Demi in the second season of his show, so this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce people to her character, who plays a pivotal role in the supernatural crime series.