Ariana Grande Asks Fans To Stop Grabbing And Touching Her Friends During Her Shows

'Grabbing/touching people without their consent is harassment'

Ariana Grande is dealing with a bit of an uncomfortable problem at her shows, and now she's got a request for her fans: to stop "grabbing/touching" her friends and photographers.

Grande took to her Instagram Stories on Thursday (May 23) to give fans a "friendly reminder" to cease the inappropriate contact.

Ariana Grande/Instagram


"Friendly reminder," Grande wrote. "Grabbing/touching people without their consent is harassment. Please do not put your hands on my photographers or friends or anyone you don't know for that matter when you're in the pit at my shows. It's never okay or funny. Thank you. (I can't believe this has to be said...but unfortunately it happens often...thanks for listening.)"

It's unclear what kind of incidents exactly inspired this message, but if Ari felt it necessary to shout it out on Instagram, she's clearly been disturbed by the issue, and neither her friends or her professional staff should have to deal with such a thing.

While Grande didn't go into specifics, she likely means some of the fans sitting in more prominent seats where her friends and photographers would be in the first place. Her post should be an eye-opener to anyone who attends her shows and thinks that doing this is acceptable in any way, especially since as she notes, harassment is never okay, no matter the situation.

Ariana is still currently traveling on her Sweetener World Tour, so there are plenty of opportunities left to see her in concert throughout October this year, when it ends up finishing in Switzerland.

It's been quite the spectacle so far, with Grande recently swapping out "goodnight n go" from her setlist to replace it with "get well soon." If you're headed out to see her on one of her tour stops, be sure to follow her directives and be respectful, keeping your hands to yourself regardless of where you sit.

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