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What Will Ariana Grande Do Next? Sweetener Tour Fans Share Their Theories

'Honestly, she can do whatever she wants'

One of the first things you'll notice upon seeing Ariana Grande's Sweetener World Tour is that she barely finds time to sit down. The chart-topper struts and dances around the curly arena catwalk like a woman on a mission, ably packing 29 songs into a nearly two-hour set. Twenty of those are tracks that Grande has released in the past year alone, during a chunk of her career that can best be described as "productive pop power playing." And she shows no signs of deceleration, making it clear that she wants to release new music whenever she wants, however she wants — a spontaneous approach that most recently gave fans the Victoria Monet-assisted loosie "Monopoly."

What Grande does next is anyone's guess, but Arianators are more than prepared to speculate. Below, see how fans at her Los Angeles show on Tuesday night (May 7) had to say about the pop star's next move.

  • Nadia and Brendan

    "I feel like she's the queen of dropping singles, so that's what I'm looking forward to. I like the bad bitch vibes I got from '7 rings,' so I want more of that."

    "She's been releasing singles like 'Monopoly,' and that was while she was on tour, so I'm thinking she'll probably release more songs randomly. She just did '7 rings' and 'Monopoly,' so I would like to hear another ballad — maybe something a little more poppy."

  • Dayana and Elizabeth

    "I think she has a lot of music made that she just hasn't released yet. I think she'll do another whole album out of nowhere, like Beyoncé-style."

    "It's crazy and kind of stressful when you don't know what to expect and she could drop something literally any day, but I like that she does that, because it gives us more music."

  • Kaity, Jovi, and Kally

    "I think it will be a surprise album. It's all very random, but great, because other people have to wait, like, a whole year or two to get an album from the artists they like, and we waited a few months between [Sweetener and thank u, next]. It makes it more fun as a fan. As long as our person's happy, we're happy."

    "I wouldn't mind her collaborating more with Victoria. Or Taylor Swift. Taylor's coming back with new music, so why not?!"

  • Gwen

    "Probably a music video to 'Everytime' because that's a song off of Sweetener that no one really pays attention to, but it's such a good song and I feel like it deserves more attention. It'd be more serious, like the 'Into You' or 'Love Me Harder' videos. Honestly, she can do whatever she wants. She's literally killing it. And yeah, she's had terrible things happen to her, but she's able to take those terrible things and build them into something beautiful."

  • Aryanna and Justine

    "I hope she releases a single that leads up to a big album, like she did with thank u, next. And I hope it stays empowering for women and stays honest. Her entire album was centered around herself and where she's going, and I love how honest she is. I never listen to a song and have to guess what it's about, I just know."

    "I was just coming here for support. I've never seen a female pop artist before; this is my first one, because I'm more into heavy metal. So I actually listened to Ariana's entire album in the car to prepare myself, and I was bopping to everything. To keep up that flavor is really hard, especially for an artist today — like, we have Cardi B, we have Beyoncé. And even Beyoncé took a break and took a step back, and watch what she made. That's what Ariana's going to do."

  • Jessica and Karen

    "I think she's going to be working with Madonna and a lot of bigger stars. My best friend is obsessed with Madonna and he's always talking about how they should work together, and I believe it. I feel it."

    "I feel like she'll have a lot of classical music and more mature music, while also still empowering women. She's very 'bad bitch,' very motivational, so more women empowerment anthems."

  • Jasmine and Danielle

    "She's a drop-the-album-out-of-the-blue kinda girl. For the next single, I think maybe she'll end up making more trap music, because with '7 rings' and 'Monopoly,' it just seems like that's the direction she's leaning towards."

  • Ilana and Lexie

    "I want to see 'ghostin' or 'fake smile' for her next single. No matter what, I feel like she's just going to be moving up and up."

    "She's such a big influence on people, especially young girls, so if she could just keep teaching young girls to be strong and to take all those little things that have put her down and inspire people, that'd be great."

  • Melody and Kendra

    "I hope she does more collabs. Her collab with 2 Chainz was amazing. She does really well with Nicki Minaj, so anything that her and Nicki do together is good."

    "I think after what she's been through, her putting her life into her music... she's an artist, so that's what they do. There are no rules when it comes to art."

  • Rebecca and Daniela

    "She's very hard-working. She's releasing constantly, and could drop something at any moment. I think she's just doing what makes her happy and she deserves that, and it's motivating. I want her to collab with BTS. Or at least with Jungkook. Their beautiful voices combined would be amazing."

    "I want her to do a clothing line because she has so many signature looks, and everyone here is rocking one of her looks from her videos or something."

  • Jenna, Kailey, Kate, and Alleigh

    "I want to see her do more R&B and more with Victoria. Maybe a whole album together, and definitely more 'Monopoly' vibes."

  • Mae, Brielle, and Zoe

    "I really hope she does a music video next, or even just a vlog or something about her life. Another documentary, maybe, or a movie. Something totally new would be cool."

    "I would love a ballad, since she just did '7 rings.' But I do love '7 rings!' She can do anything. She doesn't care what people think."