'I Couldn’t Wish For A Better Stepmom': Kailyn Gave Vee The Ultimate Compliment On 'Teen Mom 2'

During Part 2 of the reunion, the two had an emotional -- and tear-filled -- breakthrough

Vee and Kailyn had an emotional breakthrough on the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, and there were some serious tears shed (on the ladies’ part and on ours, if we’re being honest).

It all began when Isaac’s mom and stepmom took the stage (Jo was working back home) and watched clips chronicling the ups and downs of their relationship over the years. Then Kail got emotional when discussing her ongoing (yet finally resolved) dispute with her ex over 50-50 custody, realizing he did in fact have a right to it.

“I think it’s fair that my daughter see her brother just as much as his other siblings,” Vee said. The moms then got us up-to-date on this year’s drama and agreed that the child support battle was behind them. Vee even gave Kailyn her “guarantee” that Jo wouldn’t come after her for even more money. Phew!


But the super cute part was when Kail explained how and why she and Vee were so tight now — and why she didn’t expect to have that same relationship one day with Javi’s baby mama Lauren.

“Vee is a different person. My relationship and the ups and downs I went through with Jo related to our immaturity and our ages, whereas my situation with Javi and Lauren is different because it’s who we are,” she said. “We are adults now. I will not be friends with [Lauren]. I will be cordial with her...but Vee and I grew up together. We did this whole parenting thing together.”

The tears really started flowing toward the end of the segment, when Dr. Drew and Nessa brought up Jo and Vee’s emotional nuptials. “I couldn’t wish for a better stepmom for Isaac than Vee,” Kail cried before hugging Vee and joking that their reconciliation was more monumental than Drake and Meek Mill’s. And let’s not forget the plot twist: “We’re actually lesbians,” Kail said. “I’m kidding, of course!”

We love seeing these mamas so close! What do you think of Vee and Kailyn’s relationship? Do you think Kailyn will eventually reach that place with Lauren? Tell us your thoughts, and tune into Part 3 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion next Monday at 9/8c.

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