• Briana DeJesusCast Member
    Briana DeJesus

    Briana is a sweet 24-year-old who lives with her very strong-willed mother Roxanne and her opinionated sister Brittany in sunny Orlando, FL. Briana became pregnant with daughter Nova and struggled to navigate motherhood while attempting to repair her damaged relationship with Nova's father Devoin. Even though she has her family's support, she knew that Nova needed a father figure in her life. Co-parenting with Devoin had its ups and downs, and Briana raised Nova on her own much of the time. When Nova was six, Briana met DJ Luis and became pregnant again. Shortly after, she ended things with Luis, and baby girl Stella was born. Luis was not around for his daughter, and Briana had a sense of deja vu after going through the same thing with Devoin. When she connected with Kailyn's ex Javi, their whirlwind romance created serious inner drama, but ultimately they broke off their engagement when Briana wouldn't move her life to Delaware to be with him. Despite some hiccups, Devoin has stepped up for Nova, and even Stella, which Briana appreciates. Luis, though, is mostly absent, having moved to New York, so Briana struggles with Stella's dad not being around. After Luis barely shows up for Stella's first birthday, doesn't respond when Stella has to have surgery for a serious infection and breaks an agreement to pay for day care, Briana finally confronts him and files for child support.There is also positivity in Briana's life in the form of new boyfriend John. Despite living in New York City, the two build a sweet long-distance relationship that's moving at a slow pace Briana likes, and she's keeping him separate from her girls and family -- for now.

  • Chelsea HouskaCast Member
    Chelsea Houska

    Stylish South Dakotan Chelsea dropped out of high school her senior year after having her daughter Aubree. Getting her GED was tough, but she eventually finished it and moved on to become a licensed aesthetician. Aubree's father Adam was in her life but is constantly in trouble with the law. He and Chelsea were off and on for a few years, but that relationship ended when he had another baby with another girlfriend.Chelsea met Cole and found the happily ever after she'd been searching for. They got married, had son Watson and bought a forever family home together, barely moving in before Chelsea gave birth to her third child Layne. With all the new, exciting additions to her life, Aubree looks to Cole as a stable father figure; and as Adam moves further out of Aubree's life, can't make scheduled visitations and even releases his rights to his other daughter, Chelsea struggles with what role Adam actually plays in Aubree's life.

  • Jenelle EvansCast Member
    Jenelle Evans

    Beach bunny Jenelle was a big party girl before baby Jace came along, which wasn't always easy for Jenelle's mother Barbara to deal with. Jenelle reluctantly signed papers that gave Barbara temporary custody of Jace. After a string of bad boyfriends and difficult situations, including serious drug abuse, Jenelle thought she had finally found love with Nathan, an ex-Marine from Myrtle Beach, SC, but after they had baby Kaiser and got engaged, things spiraled out of control. Jenelle left Nathan and moved back to North Carolina with Kaiser. She planned to fight for custody of Kaiser and to regain custody of Jace, but her roller-coaster relationships with both exes and her mom have prevented that.Jenelle met her new husband David, and they had Jenelle's third child, Ensley. Her relationship with David has been controversial, and after MTV discontinued filming with him, Jenelle has had a difficult time without him by her side. Now she faces new struggles alone: wide-ranging rumors about marriage and the treatment of the children and the surprise emergence of Jace's father, who asks to be a part of his son's life. The ensuing stress may force her to leave Teen Mom 2 for good.

  • Kailyn LowryCast Member
    Kailyn Lowry

    Kailyn is a motivated and independent mother from a small town in Pennsylvania. Without much support from her family, she moved in with her boyfriend Jo after becoming pregnant with Isaac, but the fighting with Jo got so out of control they broke up, then Kailyn and Isaac moved out on their own.Kailyn eventually met Javi, a military man, and the two quickly married. Kailyn then gave birth to baby Lincoln, making Isaac a big brother. Javi was deployed, and while he was away, rumors of cheating on both sides plagued their marriage. They divorced soon after he returned.Kailyn then met a guy who does not want to be on camera. She fell for him hard, despite constant ups and downs, and gave birth to her third son Lux. After Kail had Lux, Javi briefly dated Kailyn's Teen Mom 2 castmate Briana, which turned Kailyn and Javi's co-parenting relationship into a constant struggle. Javi and Briana broke up, but Javi started dating someone new: Lauren, who is pregnant with his child and Lincoln's future half brother.Even though Kailyn and Javi's relationship is strained, she was on good terms with Jo -- until he files for child support, totally blindsiding her. On top of all of this tumult, Lux's father comes in and out of her life, and Kailyn struggles with wanting to provide a family for her children, a desire that pushes her to reconnect with some of her ghosts. Roller-coaster relationships with fathers, desire for familial connections and a drive to manage multiple businesses is a lot for anyone to manage, let alone a young mother of three.

  • Leah MesserCast Member
    Leah Messer

    Former cheerleader Leah had her twins Ali and Aleeah Grace when she was just 17. From a small town in West Virginia, Leah sacrificed a lot for her kids, and things got even harder when Ali developed medical issues. Ali eventually was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy and is being monitored as she grows.Leah tried to make things work for her daughters by marrying their dad Corey. Unfortunately, the marriage didn't last, and they divorced six months later. Leah tried to move on by marrying Jeremy and having a daughter Adalynn with him, but Jeremy's job forced him to be away for long stretches of time, and he eventually filed for divorce.After a few rocky years, Corey and Leah's co-parenting relationship is finally in a good place, but Jeremy is constantly on the road for work, and Leah worries about his relationship with her youngest daughter.Things are also looking up for Leah, as her new boyfriend Jason is becoming a major part of her and her girls' lives, and his support could be just what she needs.