• Briana DeJesusCast Member
    Briana DeJesus

    Briana is a sweet 26-year-old who lives with her very strong-willed mother Roxanne and her opinionated sister Brittany in sunny Orlando, FL. Briana became pregnant with daughter Nova and struggled to navigate motherhood while attempting to repair her damaged relationship with Nova's father Devoin. Co-parenting with Devoin had its ups and downs, and Briana raised Nova on her own much of the time.

    When Nova was six, Briana met DJ Luis and became pregnant again. Shortly after, she ended things with Luis, and baby girl Stella was born. Luis was not around for his daughter, and Briana had a sense of deja vu after going through the same thing with Devoin.

    This season, sick of Luis not stepping up, Briana decides to confront him at a club where he DJs, but they end up hooking up again, starting a chain reaction disrupting Briana's life in unexpected ways. If that wasn't enough, Devoin's mother, who hasn't seen Nova since she was born, re-enters their lives. Briana wants to trust her, but given their history, she is wary of Nova's other grandmother and nervous she'll disappear again, leaving Nova disappointed.

  • Chelsea HouskaCast Member
    Chelsea Houska

    Stylish South Dakotan Chelsea dropped out of high school during her senior year after having her daughter Aubree. Aubree's father Adam was in her life but also constantly in trouble with the law. He and Chelsea were off and on for years, but Chelsea met Cole and found the happily ever after she'd been searching for. She and Cole got married, had son Watson and daughter Layne, and bought a plot of land on which they plan to build their dream home.

    With all the new, exciting additions, Aubree is growing up, too. Chelsea and Cole must parent her through her preteen years -- everything from getting a cell phone and braces to no longer wanting to visit Adam's parents' house.

    As Adam moves further out of Aubree's life, unable to make scheduled visits or even school lunches, Chelsea and Cole must instead co-parent with his parents. When Aubree asks to spend less time with them, Chelsea must decide if it's time to revise their visitation agreement and possibly go back to court.

  • Jade ClineCast Member
    Jade Cline

    Jade started her "Teen Mom" journey three years ago after having her daughter Kloie with boyfriend Sean. Their on-again, off-again romance was hard on Jade, especially when his substance use threatened to destroy the family Jade wanted so badly. In the midst of trouble with Sean, Jade's relationship with her mom Christy was also rocky after years of friction over Christy's lifestyle choices.

    On this season of "Teen Mom 2," Jade and Sean's relationship is put under even more stress when Jade's parents move in with them. After graduating from beauty school, she's excited to start her career, but when her family loses their jobs, she must accept financial responsibility for the entire household. Tempers erupt, and Jade is once again caught between the most important people in her life.

    To further complicate things, she must manage all these struggles through a global pandemic, during which she is unable to work. Will Jade's strength and resiliency help her through these tough times?

  • Kailyn LowryCast Member
    Kailyn Lowry

    Kailyn is a motivated and independent mother from a small town in Pennsylvania. Without much support from her family, she moved in with her boyfriend Jo after becoming pregnant with Isaac, but the fighting with Jo got so out of control, they broke up, and Kailyn decided her and Issac should move out on their own.

    Kailyn eventually met Javi, a military man, and the two quickly married. Kailyn then gave birth to baby Lincoln, making Isaac a big brother. Javi was deployed, and while he was away, rumors of cheating on both sides plagued their marriage. They divorced soon after he returned. Kailyn then met and fell for a new guy who does not participate on the show, and despite constant ups and downs, Kailyn gave birth to her third son Lux, who is now two.

    This season, Kailyn finds herself dealing with roller-coaster relationships with each of her sons' fathers, and when she becomes pregnant with her fourth child, she must brace herself for birth during a pandemic with no help from Lux's dad.

  • Leah MesserCast Member
    Leah Messer

    Former cheerleader Leah had her twins Ali and Aleeah Grace when she was just 17. From a small town in West Virginia, Leah sacrificed a lot for her kids, and things got even harder when Ali developed medical issues. Ali eventually was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and while Leah tried to make things work for her daughters by marrying their dad Corey, the marriage didn't last, and they divorced six months later.

    Leah tried to move on by marrying Jeremy, but Jeremy's job forced him to be away for long stretches of time, and he eventually filed for divorce, leaving their daughter Addie splitting her time between families. After a few rocky years, Leah's co-parenting relationships with both dads are finally in a good place, but when she releases a book about her life, deep secrets come to light that could threaten this delicate balance.

    As Ali gets older, her muscular dystrophy is starting to progress, and Leah is faced with the reality of her disorder, having to balance being honest with Ali while also maintaining a brave face. When the COVID-19 pandemic hits, Leah must decide how to keep an immuno-compromised Ali safe while still prioritizing the emotional well-being of all her daughters.