Teen Mom 2 Tussles: Here Are Kailyn And Jo's 9 Biggest Fights

Remember that time he put her belongings in a garbage bag? We sure do

Kailyn has been hot and cold with Jo throughout their Teen Mom 2 tenure. But on this week’s episode, Isaac's parents went back to their fighting ways when Jo blindsided Kail by filing for more child support. Kail saw this as a slap in the face and was especially infuriated given that she and her ex were doing well with the 50/50 custody arrangement they’d worked out.

“This proves to me [he's] looking for a payday -- [he's] not doing this in the benefit of Isaac,” she told a friend after meeting with her lawyer. “That’s greedy and that’s selfish."

With our heads still reeling from the epic blow-up, we decided to rehash the former couple's biggest on-camera fights (and one off-camera one), in chronological order. Check them out, then keep watching Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c.

  1. When Jo learned Kail was dating Jordan

    During Season 1, Kailyn was living with Jo at his parents’ home after Isaac was born. But Jo kicked her out after he learned she was dating Jordan. "You'll never be welcome in my house anymore," he told her. “You're a whore, and all you care about is having a f*cking boyfriend. And you don't care about your f*cking son."

  2. When Kail and Suzi went to Jo’s house

    Following the aforementioned incident, Kail moved in with her mom Suzi. The mother-daughter duo then went to gather Kail's things from Jo’s home and, still bitter over the breakup, he basically held her stuff hostage before eventually throwing it all into a garbage bag.

  3. When Kail and Jo got into a physical altercation

    During Season 4, Kailyn was upset to find Jo's then-girlfriend Vee at his home when she went to pick up Isaac. From there, the exes got physical (though MTV cameras didn’t record the actual fight). Afterward, Kail filed a temporary protection from abuse order against Jo on behalf of herself and their son.

  4. When they went to court to prevent Kail from moving out of state

    Soon after Kail and Javi got married, she wanted to relocate her family to Delaware, where Javi was stationed. Jo tried to prohibit the move by taking her to court, but things went nowhere -- and Jo left the courthouse by flipping the bird and giving a big “f*ck you” to Kail.

  5. When Kailyn And Jo disagreed about child support

    For much of Season 6, Jo pleaded with Kail to figure out a child support arrangement on their own without having to go through the legal system -- but Kail (and Javi) wanted a more formalized plan in the event that Jo didn’t pay what he owed.

  6. When Jo missed Isaac’s graduation

    Later that season, Kail was done with doing “favors” for Jo by keeping the courts out of it. She got upset when Jo missed Isaac’s graduation; Jo claimed he wasn’t aware of the event, and she threatened to take him back to court to settle things. In return, Jo called his baby mama an “idiot.”

  7. When Jo filed for 50/50 custody

    When Kailyn was six months pregnant with her third child during Season 8, she was blindsided by Jo filing for 50/50 custody of Isaac. “You really did this while I’m six months pregnant?” she pondered, telling a friend, “I don’t know if we’re going to get a court date ... because I really don’t want to give him 50/50.”