'Ghostbusters': Bill Murray Thinks The New Team 'Gets It' -- But Will He Join Them On Screen?

It's gonna be a great success, he says!

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

Right after Bill Murray surprised the packed audience of Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con today (July 9) by unexpectedly dropping into the first panel of the day to promote his new movie "Rock The Kasbah," he stopped in at MTV's SDCC headquarters for a quick gab session.

So of course, what do you do when you find yourself sitting down with of comedy's biggest legends right after his first ever Comic-Con panel? You ask him about "Ghostbusters," of course -- specifically, the new "Ghostbusters" film by director Paul Feig that's in production.

So what does founding Ghostbuster Peter Venkman himself think of Feig's efforts to reinvent the franchise with an all-female cast?

"It's a great idea," Murray said, praising the film's exceptionally funny cast. "Kristin [Wiig], Melissa [McCarthy] -- they've got like a murderer's row there."

Murray's also very impressed with "Bridesmaids," Feig's breakout film that also starred Wiig and McCarthy. "It was so funny, crossed all kinds of lines, and had such great integrity," he said. "The jokes were so good and they had so much fun, obviously. I look at this people and I think, hey! They get it! They know how to have fun!"

But don't expect Murray to make an appearance in the new "Ghostbusters" -- he and Feig only met for the first time at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary earlier this year, and apparently they haven't worked anything out yet.

"He said, 'Maybe there'll be something for you to do in the movie,' And I was like, [non-committal noise], and it hasn't gone any further." Murray said. "But I think they're going to have a great success with it. I think it's going to be fun."

So, guess unless Murray gets a call from Paul Feig sometime in the near future, he'll be getting his "Ghostbusters" fix the same way all of us do -- via Feig's Twitter account.

"Rock The Kasbah" hits theaters October 23, 2015.

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