Anna Kendrick Reveals The One 'Pitch Perfect' Movie That Will Never Happen

They won't go the same route as this famous franchise

Pitch Perfect 3 is meant to be the Barden Bellas's farewell tour now that their aca-demic careers are over and they've all officially entered the real world, but is this really the end for the acapella group?

Anna Kendrick, who plays Bellas leader Beca, hopes not. She told MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz, "If it were up to me, we would just keep doing it, but like, fortunately — or unfortunately depending on how you look at it — it's not up to me."

Even though she couldn't say whether or not this really is the end, Kendrick does make one promise. "The one thing we don't want is like, they're gonna do the Spider-Man thing and bring in a whole new cast and be like, 'And now this girl's Beca! I mean, she's not, like we changed her name,'" she said.

Kendrick is referring to the three Spider-Man franchise reboots since 2002, the first being the Spider-Man series starring Tobey Macguire, followed by The Amazing Spider-Man series starring Andrew Garfield, and the most recent being Marvel's Spider-Man starring our reigning superhero, Tom Holland.

Ruby Rose, who is introduced as Calamity in the third installment, agreed with Kendrick, saying she would be "devastated if they continue on without me," but reasons that any of the aca-awesome ladies could have their own spinoff. This idea definitely piques our interest, but it would break our hearts a little bit to see any one of the ladies going solo.

As for a way to keep all of the ladies together, how does "Bellas on Broadway" sound? Ester Dean came up with the idea, and Hailee Steinfeld signed off, saying, "I'm in!"

A Broadway run does sound like a logical post-college move for live performers!