Spider-Man Will Spin Third And Fourth Sequels By 2018

Sony announces 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3' and '4.'

Andrew Garfield's Journey Toward Spider-Man

Young actor's life will never be the same following director Marc Webb's choosing him as the new Spider-Man.

'Spider-Man 4' Timeline: From Tobey Maguire To Andrew Garfield

After numerous delays, 'Spider-Man' reboot finally has a director, star and release date.

Donald Glover Says He Was 'Floored' By 'Spider-Man' Campaign

'That's really cool that people have that much faith in me,' actor tells MTV News about efforts to get him cast in reboot.

'Spider-Man' Reboot Will Be 3-D

Marc Webb's franchise re-launch is scheduled to hit theaters in July 2012.

What's Next For 'Spider-Man' Director Sam Raimi?

We take a look at some upcoming projects the producer/director has in the works.

'Spider-Man 4' Director Sam Raimi Exclusively Reveals Plans For The Film

'I've been talking with Tobey about where his character might grow to in this installment,' Raimi says.

Kirsten Dunst, Simon Pegg Discuss 'How To Lose Friends,' 'Spider-Man 4' Villains

'I'd love to be in a 'Spider-Man.' I could play Mary Jane's brother,' Pegg says.

Sam Raimi May Not Helm 'Spider-Man 4'; Wants Electro, Vulture As Villains If He Does

'I just don't know what [my] future holds yet,' director says.

'Knocked Up' Knocks Some Wind Out Of 'Pirates' Sails At The Box Office

R-rated comedy fares well in wake of deflating blockbusters, but 'At World's End' still takes #1.

'Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End' Sails To #1 With $142 Million

Captain Jack's crew earns biggest Memorial Day weekend bucks but falls short of 'Spider-Man 3' record.

Pirates Are Looking To Loot Spider-Man And Shrek, In Projection Booth

Jerry Springer gives his 'Final Thought' on this weekend's box office.

'Shrek The Third' Knocks 'Spider-Man 3' Out Of First

Sequel scores $122-million opening weekend, is #1 on the all-time animated openings list.

'Spider-Man 3' Takes A Dive — But Still Keeps Zombies And Lindsay From #1

'28 Weeks Later,' 'Georgia Rule' can't compete with Spidey's $60 million weekend.

'Spider-Man 3' Will Net A Whole Lot More, In Projection Booth

The consensus is clear: Spider-Man will continue to rope in the dough, but how much?

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'Spider-Man 3' Busts Box-Office Records With Amazing Opening Weekend

Sequel earns $148 million, breaks records including biggest day and opening weekend.

Projection Booth: Zach Braff Says 'Spider-Man 3' Will Make A Zillion Bucks

Question isn't whether Spidey will come out on top — it's how much he'll make.

Maguire, Grace Find NYC Crawling With Fans During 'Spider-Man Week'

Tobey greeted kids at 'Spiders: Alive!' exhibit at American Museum of Natural History on Tuesday.

Maguire, Dunst, Grace Get Into Swing Of Things At 'Spider-Man 3' U.S. Premiere

Stars light up film's U.S. premiere in Peter Parker's hometown of Queens, New York.

Topher Grace Says He Had To Suffer 'Nuclear Wedgie' For 'Spidey 3'

'The fangs were painful, and then they would string you up in these wires,' actor recalls.

Movie File: 'Pirates 3,' Kirsten Dunst, Kate Beckinsale & More

Keith Richards to play a sea-turtle guitar; Dunst longs for 'Sweet Relief'; bleach-blond Beckinsale waits tables.

Kirsten Dunst On Singing, Spidey's Future, 'Idol' — And Having Eight Kids?

Actress also talks about making 'fun of everybody' with Simon Pegg.

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