'I Regret It': Snooki Just Apologized To Angelina For That 'Jersey Shore' Wedding Speech

We'd rather 'chop off a limb' than ever talk about it again too

There's nothing like a few dirty martinis to help "clear the air". Case in point: Snooki and Angelina finally burying the hatchet over the infamous wedding toast.


First, it was Deena and JWOWW, and now tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation saw the original meatball herself inviting Angelina to lunch for a series of heartfelt apologies and clinking of the glasses — and the latter found herself somewhat surprised by the gesture.

"Considering that Nicole went on her podcast and said that she'd rather chop off a limb than ever talk to me again or see me again, I kind of am a little shocked that [she] actually invited me to this lunch today," Angelina confessed.

Nicole was quick to cut to the chase and explained her own side of the story speech — mainly, that their jabs were "meant to be funny."

"I want you to know that I didn't maliciously mean to hurt your feelings or ruin your wedding," she said.

She continued: "I just felt like it went overboard. We were trying to be funny — we were drunk, it was stupid, and it just snowballed. I regret it, and it was terrible."


After admitting that "the joke just landed wrong," Angelina said she's officially ready to "be done with all of this."

"Finally, the day has come where we can sit there and break bruschetta bread," she said. "It's been so long, and I'm just over it. I don't want this drama anymore."

Snooki immediately agreed: "I'd rather cut my left tit off than ever talk about this again."

The "drinking buddies" then caught up on family, marriage, and the merits of pounding it out before a bunch of boozy cheers ensued.

"Cheers to you coming and us being friends again. Cheers to never fighting again and just having a good time. Cheers to you not being a dramatic b*tch," toasted Snooki, before adding, "Angelina, you are the olives to my martini."

As for Nicole's final cheers, we'll save "this guy in Old Bridge" for another time (because it's definitely going to be an issue in the weeks to come). Tune in next week at 8/7c to find out what goes down during Family Vacation in the Poconos!

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