BTS's RM And Lil Nas X Head Out To The 'Seoul Town Road' In New Remix

RM gives a shoutout to his 'homis,' or gardening tools

The rooster crows when the sun stretches its first beams of the day across the sky and the farm awakens. There's a list of tasks to handle around the ranch. The cows need to be milked. The fertilizer needs to be spread; those persimmons won't grow themselves. Homis must be applied to the weeds. And the horses must be taken to Seoul, by way of the road that stretches through Old Town.

BTS's RM dreams of a lifestyle this simple and clean, letting the smell of fresh scrambled eggs and sharp cheddar cheese hug his nose while looking out of the window at green pastures. He's teamed up with Lil Nas X for "Seoul Town Road," a new remix of "Old Town Road," which gives him the space to turn his head to the stars while his head rests in his hand, contemplating a lifestyle defined by simplicity. And homis.

From the moment the familiar "Old Town Road" melody plays, the mood is set. RM belts out a new chorus, promising to bring his steed to the Seoul Town Road. Lil Nas X's familiar verse takes us to the ranch where his matte black hat and boots build the scene. It's not until RM steps in that things switch to bold new territory, where the BTS member builds his own farmstead where he grows veggies and rides horses.

"I got the homis in my bag / Have you heard of that? / Homis made of steel, from Korea, they the best," he sings, referencing the Korean gardening tool that helps dig, weed, and mound. He raps about snagging corn off of the stalk and we can envision the farm duty in slightly warm weather, under a clear sky. It's going to rain later. RM's going to finish it up and head inside for a nap.

In June, BTS released a free-to-play game BTS World for iOS and Android. Next month, Bring The Soul: The Movie will be heading to theaters for limited screenings that'll showcase new concert footage in addition to "intimate discussions."

Listen to RM and Lil Nas X daydream about a country lifestyle on "Seoul Town Road" — the newest remix of the current No. 1 song in the country — up above.

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