Even Beck Can't Believe He Won The Album Of The Year Grammy

Kanye was gonna let Beck finish... but then he backed off.

We're shocked too, Beck. You'll have to forgive eternally youthful "Loser" Beck Hansen if he was a bit shell-shocked when Prince read his name for winner of Album of the Year at the 2015 Grammy Awards Sunday night (Feb. 8).

Yes, his excellently mellow gold classic Morning Phase was critically acclaimed and clearly deserved to be in the same category as Beyoncé's self-titled album (which already netted her three gramophones earlier in the night), fellow three timer Pharrell's GIRL, four-time winner Sam Smith's debut and Ed Sheeran's X.

But when his name was called, Beck and his wife, actress Marissa Ribisi, shared a look of utter WTF as he walked stunned-looking to the stage and shook hands with a smiling Pharrell. But, before he could even say anything, Kanye West bum rushed the stage and acted like he was going to... well, probably say something about Bey deserving to win.

He thought better of it, though as Beck jokingly called Yeezus back to the stage to help him accept the night's big honor. "Oh my God. Hi Prince," Beck said as some of the engineers and producers who helped him work on the album lined up behind him. "We made this record at my house for the most part, so I'd like to thank my kids for letting me keep them awake a little extra longer."

After nominations for his second album, Odelay, in 1997 and 2000's Midnight Vultures, it was the first Album of the Year win for Beck. It'll look real nice on his mantle next to his Best Rock Album and Best Engineered Album (Non-Classical) trophies.

He got a shout out from Lady Gaga for the big win.

But some members of the Beyhive were... we'll let them finish.