Taylor Swift Fans Just Got A 'Tidal' Wave Of Music Thanks To Jay Z -- But Where's '1989'?

Swift's reps clarify to MTV News after reports the pop album would stream on Hov's music-streaming service Tidal

While you can now stream Taylor Swift's back catalog through Tidal -- thanks, Jay Z -- you still won't be able to find 1989 via the new site and other paid services like Spotify.

Confused? Here's what happened. On Monday night, Swifties were rushing to send Hov virtual hugs as news spread that the singer's 2014 pop album would be available on his new service. The album's cover art and full track list was even prominently featured on the site. But reps for Taylor reached out to MTV News early Tuesday morning (March 24) to clarify for fans in a statement:

"Taylor Swift’s albums, except for the multi-platinum 1989, all appear on streaming services that require a subscription fee. This has never changed. Big Machine Records believes music has value and we do not believe Taylor’s music should be made available for free.

1989 is NOT available on Tidal. 1989 is NOT available on any streaming service. I realize the image appears there but it does not stream on their platform.

Contrary to this screenshot from Tidal, the album featuring hits like "Blank Space" actually won't stream there.


MTV News also reached out to Tidal and hadn't heard back at press time. Still, landing Taylor's back catalog might prove a major coup for the streaming service that Jigga purchased for $56 million earlier this month. By that time, we knew that the Roc Nation mogul was coming for Spotify and Beats Music.

A display image from Tidal's site before Swift's reps made a swift correction


So what can you enjoy on Tidal if you're a Slaylor fan? Well, chart-topping Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now and Red are on there, plus, special editions of different projects on there.

Perhaps this was one of the topics Tay and Jay touched on at Swift’s birthday party back in December? Nah, they were probably too busy taking cool pictures.

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