Alec Benjamin Almost Sends His Ex A 'Miss U' Text In 'The Book Of You & I'

He's ready to start a new chapter

Alec Benjamin's new video for "The Book of You & I" is all about remembering the pages of a relationship that weren't stained with tears. Armed with a guitar and museum full of reflections about better times, Benjamin sweetly walks you through the happiest moments of a fiery love that has since turned into ashes. His voice is the match though, hoping anxiously to catch a spark that ignites this old love even brighter than before.

"The Book of You & I" is an emotional song that tasks you with taking Benjamin's side — no matter what he did. We have to believe that, for some inexplicable reason, his relationship is over. It works though because, in the video, we see how invested he was in it. They guessed at cloud shapes on park hills during spring, for God's sake! He sings not only to us but to the woman who's left him anxious for another try. Whether that happens or not, this song, and video, will serve as a reminder of how good their relationship was at its peak.

"The Book of You & I" will appear on Benjamin's forthcoming debut studio album, These Two Windows, that drops on May 29. The LP is also set to feature  "Must Have Been The Wind," "Mind Is A Prison," "Jesus In LA," and more.

Check out the video for "The Book of You & I" up above.