(Manny Carabel/Getty Images)

Alec Benjamin Contemplates Helping Out A Neighbor In 'Must Have Been The Wind'

Plus, a magical ballet routine

Alec Benjamin has released the video for his acoustic, good-natured single, "Must Have Been the Wind." The song finds him wondering about a neighbor's well-being because he keeps hearing things that suggest that something's wrong. The video hints at this, showing the singer pondering, on his floor, exactly what his neighbor is up to. But in the end, nothing really changes, despite the fact that his neighbor looks longingly to her door now that she knows that she has someone to lean on when in need. That's all that Benjamin can really ask for.

The video for "Must Have Been the Wind" is a simple one. Benjamin has a beautiful studio apartment where he sits with the window open, in the middle of the floor. He's deeply pondering what's going on with his neighbor — a beautiful woman who lives upstairs and practices ballet in her spare time. Benjamin sings the sweet song's lyrics about pondering and support with a heavenly touch, eager to let the woman know that whatever problems that she's having, he can help out with. Instead of finding the root of these issues, we follow his neighbor's beautiful and peaceful dance routine: what amounts to a coping dance routine that hides what's really bothering her.

The visual ends with her realizing that maybe she does want to take Benjamin up on his offer to lean on his shoulder. In this sense, there's an optimism to its final seconds that's not really present in the song itself. Maybe things will get fixed after all.

"Must Have Been the Wind" is Benjamin's most recent single, following the release of "Jesus In LA." He has yet to release a debut studio album, so hopefully these two tracks are signs that it's finally in the works.

Watch the video for "Must Have Been the Wind" up above.