YouTube/Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin Is Chained To A Fishbowl In 'Mind Is A Prison'

His latest single is emotional and claustrophobic

Alec Benjamin is trapped with no way out in his new video for "Mind Is a Prison." The singer released the falsetto-heavy video today (December 23) to extrapolate some emotions from you ahead of Christmas. He succeeds with the claustrophobic feeling of the visual, making you feel as if there's truly no escape from what he's going through. It earns its creative points, that's for sure.

"Mind Is a Prison" makes the mind of a fishbowl. Benjamin, a young chap who'd like to free himself from these small four walls and think better thoughts, just can't seem to get away. His arm is chained to the bottom of the bowl and instead of panicking and attempting to get away, he realizes that resistance is futile so he sits, sadly, as his skin slowly prunes.

"Guess my mind is a prison and I'm never going to get out" he sings solemnly, putting you into your feels. The emotional tune centers you in his experience all the way. For Christmas, you hope that he's able to relax a bit.

Earlier this year, Benjamin released "Must Have Been The Wind" and "Jesus in LA." There's no word of when his debut studio album will drop, but with this year's bevy of singles, it looks like we'll have some news in the near future.

Check out Benjamin's one-of-a-kind video up above.