Watch Miley Cyrus Relive Her 'Hannah Montana' Audition Tape

‘Always a little controversial, from the beginning!’

Miley Cyrus just released her dreamy new single “Malibu,” which marks the latest in a series of sonic and stylistic evolutions we’ve seen from her over the years. But the 24-year-old hasn’t forgotten her roots, as she proved during an interview with Radio Disney this afternoon (May 11).

While visiting her old stomping grounds, Miley was presented with the video of her original Hannah Montana audition tape, which she watched with total gleefulness. In the clip, 12-year-old Miley wears a t-shirt that says “I should have my own TV show” (bold move!) and sings a poppy song called “Beach Weekend.”

“Always a little controversial, from the beginning!” Miley quips, as she watches her preteen self sing the lyric “tryin’ out our brand new bikinis.”

The real kicker, though, comes at the end of the clip, when 12-year-old Miley is asked whether she’s signed to a music label yet. “No, but it’s going to happen,” she answers super confidently, prompting 2017 Miley to declare, “That is so funny. That is crazy. That is a jewel. That is a gem.”

See the cute clip of Miley watching Miley below.

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