Common Ground: Catelynn And Mackenzie Finally 'Got To Know Each Other' On 'Teen Mom OG'

They're the only MTV moms who are still with their partners from '16 and Pregnant'

Catelynn and Mackenzie had "never really had the chance to talk to each other and get to know each other," but the Teen Mom OG cast members finally had the opportunity during tonight's brand-new episode.

Catelynn and Tyler visited her grandparents in Sarasota, Florida, so she decided to give Mackenzie a call about possibly meeting up for a meal. Mackenzie -- who moved from Oklahoma six months prior -- agreed to the suggestion, and she later told Josh their plans.

"They are the only couple that I know of in the Teen Mom franchise that have been together since they were 16," the mother of three stated (Mackenzie is correct -- the couples share this common ground). "I don't even know how you and I have..." she continued, with Josh chiming in with, "I don't know."

When the foursome gathered, they quickly exchanged updates about Cate's pregnancy, Tyler beginning ketamine therapy, and Mackenzie and Josh's family move to the Sunshine state. Then, they bonded about their shared experience of being high school sweethearts.

"You grow up together. There's things that you grow, and you change," Cate stated. "Of course, you're going to have bumpy roads and crap that you go through."

Mackenzie concurred -- and point out that "two individuals working on themselves can make a huge difference."

"Self-care is super important," Tyler added. "It makes you a better parent. People get it confused with being selfish. It ain't selfish."

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