How The 'Teen Mom's Concluded The First-Ever 'Family Reunion'

Plus, find out who was the last surprise guest!

"Cheers to the first Teen Mom: Family Reunion!"

Amber, Ashley, Briana, Cheyenne, Jade, Leah, and Maci officially closed the chapter on the inaugural MTV getaway during tonight's finale. But before the young women -- who endured heartfelt sessions with Coach B as well as a few unexpected events varying from surprise guests to a health scare -- said goodbye, they were able to share this unique experience with an OG.

"Even though I couldn't be here from the beginning, Tyler and I made it work to where I could come in for one quick day to surprise all of the girls," Catelynn, who welcomed daughter Rya Rose weeks before this vacation, stated before she arrived at the final dinner.


The women were genuinely shocked and happy when Cate walked into the restaurant. They gave her a brief rundown of what she missed, and Cate proposed they all participate in a bonfire to officially close this chapter (Ashley could not attend because she was sick). Maci explained that they would all write down something on a card and place it in a box that "they would burn."


The mother of three began and explained that she wanted to feel things and experience emotions, while Chey said she wanted to stop blaming herself for the past (specifically, Ryder living in a two-parent family) and get over her "mom guilt." Jade grew emotional when she spoke about doubting herself and her need for self-love, while Leah expressed her desire to let her guard down in all relationships and allow people to get to know her. Briana was ready to relinquish all of the pressure of being a supermom and make sure the fathers of her children "step up." Amber wished to escape her protective bubble and get out of her comfort zone in order to grow. And finally, Cate declared she was done with her anxiety fueling her to think of the worst-case scenario about her kids.

"What is meant to be will be -- good or bad, we have no control over that. I want to try to just let that go," Cate concluded, as the women all clapped.

The Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 cast members may have had their issues when they entered this unique environment, but they left as a sisterhood and family. There was also a palpable sense of pride as they placed their aforementioned sentiments into the flames.


"I love y'all so much," Maci declared.

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