Camila Cabello Asks Her Ex The Tough Questions On Her New Song

‘I Have Questions’ is the most heartbreaking kind of real talk

Recovering from a break-up is always a painful process, but the confusion and disbelief that follows a split can be the worst part of that: What went wrong? Who's to blame? Why did this happen, and how?

Plenty of people are terrified of asking those questions — or, worse, getting answers to them that they're not necessarily ready to hear – but Camila Cabello stares them down and asks them anyway on her new single.

I Have Questions” gives us a lonely glimpse into Cabello's distraught thought process as she puts together the pieces of a love gone wrong. They're relatable as hell: Who hasn't thought of texting “Why would you try and play me for a fool?” or “Why don't you care?” to the one who just ripped their heart out?

Cabello had previously opened up about the inspiration for the song, which she penned while touring with Fifth Harmony last year. (That explains the “I feel doomed in hotel rooms” line, as she was moving from place to place as “I Have Questions” took shape.) She called the song “the kind of chapter you never want to read out loud,” but it's a good thing she did, as “I Have Questions” is the kind of track that everyone gets.

The single is streaming on Apple Music and Spotify, so give it a listen and get ready for the drop of Cabello's solo debut album, The Hurting the Healing the Loving.

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