'Drake And Josh' Fans Are Going To Fall In Love With Josh Peck All Over Again In 'Grandfathered'

Come for John Stamos and Josh Peck, stay for the adorable baby.

Whoever decided to cast John Stamos and Josh Peck as father and son, frankly, deserves a damn raise. They are endlessly charming together on Fox's new sitcom "Grandfathered" (premiering tonight, Sept. 29), and their individual brands of humor -- Stamos with his cool-guy aloofness and Peck's impeccable goofiness -- go together like, well, a modern-day "Drake & Josh." (You know, if Drake was older and Josh was more hapless.)

But that's not the only reason the show works. It's also the most adorable show on TV. Period. No other comedy, freshman or otherwise, comes close, tbh.

Drake & Josh Gif

Peck, a former Nickelodeon star, is making his TV comeback on Fox's "Grandfathered."

In "Grandfathered," Stamos stars as Jimmy Martino, a lifelong bachelor and restaurateur who gets a serious wakeup call when he learns that not only does he have a son, Gerald (Peck), from his one-night stand with former flame Sara (Paget Brewster), but a granddaughter, Edie (played by twins Layla and Emelia Golfieri), too. Now, Jimmy must adjust to his new reality as a father and GILF.

It's cute -- sooooo cute, in fact -- but most importantly, it has a lot of heart, which is important for any sitcom, especially a new one. The pilot episode, which MTV News has screened in advance, does a great job of making you care about these characters and their relationships. In other words, get ready to yell "Awww" a lot at your TV screens. Here's why you should tune in to Fox's charming new show (trust us, we're truthers):

Stamos is at his best.


John Stamos Grandfathered

We've got to hand it to Stamos. He knows what works, and he owns it. Sure, watching Stamos play another suave bachelor isn't anything new, but the ageless wonder nails it every time. He is just THAT cool. Of course, that all starts to change when baby Edie comes into his life.

You can't help but feel charmed by him as he fumbles his way through grandparenthood (and fatherhood). Jimmy may not be perfect, but at least he tries.

Peck will make you swoon.


Grandfathered Josh Peck and John Stamos

Fans of "Drake & Josh" have been waiting for this moment for YEARS. Finally, millions of Americans will know what we've known all along: Josh Peck is bae. And not only is he bae, he's funny af.

Gerald is a simple bae. Yes, he's tall, dark and handsome, but he doesn't know it. Instead, he looks like "walking birth control." He's awkward and a bit of idiot (so unlike Josh Nichols), but Peck's earnest performance totally sells it.

The relationships will melt your heart.



As the girl that got away, Sara is the one woman Jimmy wanted and couldn't have. She's totally immune to his bulls--t, making for quite an interesting love story. Though it's inevitable that they will eventually fall in love (this is a network comedy, after all), we like watching Jimmy squirm, at least for now. Stamos and Brewster have insane chemistry together, but to be fair, how could two people so effing cool not have amazing chemistry?

Meanwhile, Gerald is stuck in the friend zone with his baby mama and best friend, Vanessa (Christina Milian). He's like a poor, lonely puppy pawing at her affection. It's borderline pathetic, but Peck finds a way to make it endearing. Lucky for him, his incredibly rakish dad is here to help. But first, that nasty green hoodie has got to go.




Just look at that little face! Say hello to the tiny overlord of our hearts.

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