Josh Peck Is 'Walking Birth Control' In This Exclusive Look At 'Grandfathered'

"Thinking about clothes creates decision-fatigue." Same.

Josh Peck is many things: an actor, a comedian, a Vine star and an overall attractive, super fly person. His character on the upcoming Fox sitcom "Grandfathered," however, is not so cool.

On "Grandfathered," Peck plays Gerald, a somewhat hapless twentysomething with a unique affinity for green hoodies. The show centers on a bachelor (played by John Stamos), whose life is turned upside down when he discovers he's not only a father to Gerald, but a grandfather, too.

Watch Peck describe his character, who he describes as a "walking birth control," in the exclusive clip below:

Why so much shade, Stamos?

OK, so is it just us or is Peck this TV season's most charming new addition? Also, Stamos can GET IT.

Brb, adding "Grandfathered" to our DVRs right now.