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16 Josh Peck Vines That Will Make You Laugh So Hard You'll Forget It's Monday

It's Monday. Take a Peck break!

Have a case of the Mondays? We think we know what will save you from this chasm of suck: Josh Peck.

You may know him best as the chubby funny kid from Nickelodeon's "Drake & Josh," but Peck, now 28 and a total hottie, is also a certified Vine star who makes hilarious videos with his friends.

"I have a great time doing it, but I’m glad I can do it now as a 28-year-old, and not as a 17-year-old, because I’m sure I would have said some dumb s–t that would have got me in trouble," Peck told MTV News last month of his strong social media game.

"My biggest responsibility is to my mom because that’s who I'll hear it from first," he added. "If I even curse in a tweet, she’ll be like, 'Josh, is that really appropriate? Was that necessary?' And I'll be like, 'Sorry, mom.'"

We've culled together some of the best mom-approved Vines to help you get through your Monday. And yes, Peck has still got mad love for his Nickelodeon roots, which you can see in the videos below:

  1. That time he swapped roles with his new TV dad John Stamos.
  2. When he was all of us trying to play the "Cups" song from "Pitch Perfect."
  3. Uh, when he forgot to lock the bathroom door.
  4. When he was in the middle of a Harry Styles-Nick Jonas sandwich and we died.
  5. That time he actually had to WATCH the movie.
  6. When he was trying to get turnt.
  7. Oh, and that time he found Zayn's replacement!
  8. When he dutifully followed the bro code.
  9. That time he was the first to get the iWatch... Plus?
  10. When he understood the true struggle of being a nerd.
  11. That time he immediately regretted his life choices.
  12. When he took a ~selfie~ with 5SOS and we were instantly jelly.
  13. LOL.
  14. When he was all of us waking up with a surprise pimple.
  15. When he recreated his most memorable moments from "The Amanda Show."
  16. That time he wasn't ashamed to poke fun at his Nickelodeon roots.

    Stop being so perfect, OK?!