Lamar Odom On His Way Home To Los Angeles

After nearly a week in Las Vegas, the former NBA star is ready to be transported back to Los Angeles.

After almost a week in a Las Vegas hospital, Lamar Odom is reportedly heading home to Los Angeles.

E! Online reports that the NBA star, who awoke from his coma on Friday (Oct. 16) after four days of unconsciousness, was discharged from Sunrise Hospital on Monday (Oct. 19) and is being transported to L.A. for further treatment, with Khloe Kardashian by his side for the helicopter ride.

The former L.A. Lakers player was first hospitalized last week after being found unconscious at a Nevada brothel, and his improvement has evidently been promising enough that doctors are now in the process of sending the former "Khloe and Lamar" star home to California.

Lamar Odom is reportedly still looking at several months of rehabilitation and physical therapy, but he is able to use his arms and legs at this time -- though not able to stand on his own.

Meanwhile, his kidney function is also said to be showing signs of improvement -- he is still on dialysis treatment as a result of his initial kidney failure -- and he is able to breathe on his own without an oxygen mask now.

People added a source to state that despite Lamar Odom's "miraculous turnaround," he is still not talking and remains "very weak" and in danger of future complications relating to his kidney function.

Khloe, who is still legally married to Odom despite her petition filing for divorce in 2013 as it has not been judicially finalized, has reportedly been by Odom's side throughout his tests and rehabilitation in Vegas. The pair were married in September, 2009.

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