This Footage Of Taylor Swift's '1989' Secret Sessions Will Fill You With Unbearable Jealousy

All I want is to eat one of those cookies.

Taylor Swift has never been one to do things in a conventional manner, so it's no surprise that the roll-out for her first major pop album, 1989, has been unusual.

For one thing, she's been holding listening parties all over the country and inviting fans to come eat cookies, hang out, and listen to the entire album way before it even comes out. Obviously, most of the fans *died* of happiness at this incredible opportunity.

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But for those of us who didn't get the chance to munch on a cookie, pet Olivia Benson and hear "Out Of The Woods" with Taylor lip-syncing along, we now get a closer look than just the polaroids at how the sessions actually played out.

If you thought you were jealous before, this behind-the-scenes clip is going to stoke those flames even higher. But you can't look away can you?

Oh, did you just start the video over for the third time to watch her sneak out into the backyard? Yeah, me too. Sigh. Maybe we'll get an invite next album cycle.

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