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When Taylor Swift's Parents Cat-Sit Olivia Benson They Have Adorable Photo Shoots

And we have a few ideas to make them even more adorable.

You know how every time you visit family they suddenly become professional photographers and feel the need to document your every move? They make you pose 87 different ways, put silly costumes on you and try out every lighting angle available in the house. Well, apparently if you're a cat then life is no different.

Taylor Swift shared that her kitten, Olivia Benson, will be spending some time with the parents soon; however, the last stay erupted in a flurry of impossibly adorable cat portraits.

With a photogenic face like that, we really don't blame them. In fact, we completely support their cause. Here are some ways Swift's folks can up their kitten photography game:

Lasers can take any photo to the next level.

Small animals achieve peak cuteness when place inside of a lovely fall handbag.

Fish hats are all the rage right now.

And you can't go home without a perfect series of bathroom selfies.

Cat + photoshop = everything good in life. Yup, you're welcome.