Taylor Swift Gave A Moment Of Silence For Becky At ANOTHER 1989 Secret Session

I feel like my invite will be for the next one. I'm sure of it.

Remember when Taylor Swift invited fans to her house so they could listen to her unreleased album 1989 and we thought it was all cute and adorable? Well, yeah, she did it again in Nashville. And you know why? Because Taylor has MULTIPLE houses to invite her MULTIPLE fans to. So why not do it all over again?

I'm freaking out because this only means one thing: Taylor might be bringing her 1989 Secret Sessions to New York, where she has an apartment, and Rhode Island, where she has a ginormous house. Yes.

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I'm also thinking that I know who ate those chai tea cookies with eggnog frosting: the 89 people she invited over.

Fans got to hold Grammys, pet Olivia Benson, play her piano and take pictures with Taylor. After hearing all of 1989 they had a dance party to "Shake it Off."