Why You Should Stop Hating On Kim Kardashian

Kim's bare bottom beats your hate.

There are more than a few people on Twitter telling Kim Kardashian to "have some class" or "think about what you're teaching young girls" after her oiled-up booty made an appearance on the cover of Paper. Those people, clearly, know what's best for her and all of humanity. And if Kim Kardashian never got naked on that magazine cover, they surely would be content with everything else in the world.

A world without Kim K would be a world without problems, right? Young girls would never think it's OK to pose without clothes because Kim didn't do it. Young girls wouldn't even know what "naked" was if it wasn't for Kim! Young girls would be good and pure and obedient.

I'm joking, obviously, but cruising through Twitter in the wake of the provocative cover, I kept feeling compelled to defend Kimberly's bare bum. I find it fascinating. I find it purposeful. And you know what? I find Kim to be a lot more intriguing than the people commenting on her. Why do we comment on her every move? Because she's a genius!

Wait. Before you stop reading because I just said Kim Kardashian is a "genius," here's why:

You say she has no talent. She acknowledges this.

And you say she shouldn't be famous because she doesn't have talent.

The awe-inspiring thing about her, though, is that the more you point out how little talent she has, the more famous she seems to become. She's crafting her fame on your hate. She owes you a "thank you," actually. And if you like big butts, she's already done that.

The Kardashian kingdom remains the most exciting thing about pop culture. Where Kim started as Paris Hilton’s assistant, she’s now on the cover of magazines, making video games, TV shows, a chain of stores, a line of clothes and much more. And she’s making millions from it.

Admit it: Kim is killing it, and all you can do is point out what you think are her flaws. You accuse her of mastering Photoshop for her own ends. Of excessive plastic surgery. Of getting famous off a sex tape. The funny thing? You think she’s oblivious to all this. Do you think she’s overly worried about keeping her plastic surgery a secret? She’s not. You think that she’s trying to pass off Photoshopped magazine covers as real? She’s not. That’s her thing!

Kim K is a genius because she has a brand, and while you’re shocked and appalled that she’s setting a bad example for kids, just remember that she never set out to be a role model. She set out to make money and to become famous and she did it. Times a million. She didn’t have to be “good” at anything; she’s just being herself.

She’s managed to have shows, games and books based on her life, while being “talentless.” Isn’t that in itself a talent?

And if sticking out her giant, bouncy bottom works for her, she’s going to do it, and she’s going to love everything you say about it. It’s easier to hate than to try to understand.

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