Here's What Lorde Sounded Like Before She Was Lorde

She was in a band too, called And They Were Masked.

Sure, Lorde is now one of the most ubiquitous pop stars on the planet, with close to 2 million Twitter followers, a Grammy and the ever-elusive Weird Al parody to boot. But just a couple years ago, she was just a kid singing in an angsty high school band in New Zealand.

They called themselves And They Were Masked, and according to their official Facebook page, were influenced by the likes of Fugazi, PJ Harvey and Bloc Party.

Can't imagine it? Well, thanks to the Internet, we have proof.

As the Lorde Daily fan site points out, Ella Yelich O’Connor sings on just two of the 11 tracks on the band's 2012 album, Characters, which you can listen to on their Bandcamp page. While "Piece of Mind" and "Sands of John" both have the singer's signature raspy croons, I can't say either stack up to "Tennis Court."

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