Weird Al

Weird Al -- Lorde's Hair Twin -- Takes On 'Royals' With 'Foil'

'Foil' is a song about the sparkly tin stuff -- and much more.

Weird Al Yankovic and Lorde apparently have more in common than glorious, bouncing locks (and the tenacity to never shear them); they're both also just a little dark and twisted, as evidenced by Yankovic's spin on the 17-tear-old's smash-hit, "Royals," titled "Foil."

"Foil" starts off as a kind of ode to that stuff you put on your food when you just can't finish it, then it veers off somewhere... Weird. (Surprise! Weird Al is weird!)

Al does a pretty stellar job of mimicking Lorde's on-camera intensity in the video -- which also features Patton Oswalt, among other guests -- albeit sans the singer's signature purple lips. Really dropped the ball there, dude. Still, you did manage to make a catchy tune even more catchy.

"Foil" marks the third video in a daily rollout from the singer/comedian, who previously released Pharrell Williams parody "Tacky" and Robin Thicke spin "Word Crimes" in anticipation of his next album, Mandatory Fun.

Five more videos wait in the wings, and we wait with breath that is bated.