We Asked Fifth Harmony Fans An Impossible Question: What's Your Favorite Song Off 'Reflection'?

There's a reason "Reflection" rhymes with "perfection."

I know what all the Harmonizers are doing today: listening to Fifth Harmony's Reflection album, naturally.

And Harmonizers, I hope you're doing it on repeat, because Reflection equals perfection (there's a reason they rhyme) and is on some serious "Bo$$" lady levels.


Fifth Harmony, who are celebrating their big release by taking over MTV on Feb. 6, surprised us all when they decided to stream the album one week early, it's a superhero-strong debut from the former "X Factor" contestants. Expertly mixing pop, hip-hop and R&B, the girls show off their vocals, along with their musical influences, from Mariah Carey ("Like Mariah") to Beyonce/Destiny's Child ("We Know").

Mixing in girl power anthems with heartbreak and falling in love, it's an album that's relatable and not solidifies them as a girl group on their way to pop domination, but a girl group with some serious staying power.

So, which songs are the Harmonizers' absolutely loving? We asked Fifth Harmony's fans what their favorite track off the album is -- which ended up being the hardest question of all time -- and here's what Harmonizers had to say.

"Brave, Honest, Beautiful"

When you're having a bad day, I suggest turning on and blasting "Brave, Honest, Beautiful." The feel-good track, which was written and also features Meghan Trainor, is all about giving yourself a bit of a confidence boost, reminding us that we are "amazing," and that we can "dance like Beyonce" and "shake like Shakira."

"Like Mariah"

This song reminds you what it's like to fall in love. So how will you know if you are? Well, if you feel like singing "Like Mariah," then that's a pretty good sign. The girls sample Mariah Carey's classic "Always Be My Baby," and with an assist from Tyga, fans are hoping that this track becomes the next single.


5H give a whole new meaning to self-empowerment with this mid-tempo track. At first blush, the girls sound like they're talking a sexy guy, singing "you'd be rich if looking good was your profession." But turns out they're looking in the mirror at their own reflection. Get it, girls.

"This Is How We Roll"

Need a new "getting-ready" anthem? Well then look no further than "This Is How We Roll." It's fun, up-tempo and mixes in an electronic-dance vibe and will make you "clap clap clap."

All Of Them!

And some Harmonizers just couldn't choose a favorite, and we don't blame you.