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Fifth Harmony Get All ‘Like Mariah’ On Their Reflection Track List: See It Here

Lambs rejoice, 5H may pay homage to MC!

The countdown has begun, and every single day that passes just brings us one step closer to Fifth Harmony's Reflection.

But Normani, Camila, Lauren, Ally and Dinah only made the wait that much harder this week with the release of the track list for their much-anticipated debut album, due Feb. 3.

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During a Snapchat Q&A, 5H revealed the names of the LP's 11 songs (14 if you get the deluxe), and from the titles, we're expecting sass, sexiness and maybe an homage to a certain power diva: Mariah Carey.

Reflection will include the song "Like Mariah," which definitely piques my interest. The girls recently covered Mariah's hit "All I Want For Christmas Is You," and they have shouted out fierce females like Oprah and Michelle Obama on "Bo$$," but a whole song dedicated to Mimi is something I cannot wait to hear. Will there be whistle notes, incredible runs and mentions of butterflies and lambs? I sure hope so.

Also featured on the album is the girl group's current single, "Sledgehammer," the Tinashe co-written track "Them Girls Be Like," and bold titles like "Sugar Mama," "Body Rock" and "This is How We Roll."

The album will no doubt feature some girl-power anthems, and with a Feb. 3 release that's plenty of time for Harmonizers to learn all the words before you see them on the Reflection Tour, which kicks off Feb. 27 in San Francisco.

Check out the full Reflection track list here:

1. “Top Down”

2. “BO$$”

3. “Sledgehammer”

4. “Worth It”

5. “This Is How We Roll”

6. “Everlasting Love”

7. “Like Mariah”

8. “Them Girls Be Like”

9. “Reflection”

10. “Sugar Mama”

11. “We Know”

Reflection -- Deluxe version:

12. “Going Nowhere”

13. “Body Rock”

14. “Brave, Honest, Beautiful”