'It' Continues To Justify Your Fear Of Clowns By Dominating The Box Office

Yup. Still floating.

Maybe it's Bill Skarsgård 's creepy, dead-eyed smile. Maybe it's Finn Wolfhard screaming things that would make even the surliest bartender blush. Maybe those pranksters bringing red balloons everywhere are starting to freak out the population of various suburbs at large.

Whatever it is, It is still the No. 1 movie in the United States a week after its record-breaking debut, and it's drawing millions of people to the sewers of Derry for its second weekend in theaters.

The Hollywood Reporter has the Stephen King horror hit projected to bring in $59 million by the time Monday (September 18) rolls around. When compared with it's competition that hit theaters on September 15, it'll make nearly four times what American Assassin is expected to earn ($15.5 million) and a whooooole lot more than mother!, which is now set to gross around $8 million. (Initial projections had it cracking $10 million at least.)

Congrats to the Losers Club on another win, and, hey — at least mother! offered up an opportunity for Jennifer Lawrence to introduce Javier Bardem to the Kardashians.

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