Justin Bieber, Why Are You Shirtless And Eating Cereal With A Girl Who Looks Like Lorde?

What kind of cereal is that? Whose legs are those? IS THIS A VIDEO? ANSWER US, PLZ!

Hey Justin Bieber? What's up? How was Ibiza? Oh you met Kanye? Wow, that's awesome! Oh yeah, I heard about the fight with Orlando too. Kind of a bummer. Too bad you had to leave today. That must've been sad.

So what's up with all these random stills you've been posting on your Insta? They kinda look like, yeah, almost like they're screenshots? From like a video or something. Or are these more modeling photos?

Do you have new music or a new video dropping soon? Is that what you're cryptically trying to tell us?

Whose legs are those?

What kind of cereal is that?

I know this is a reach, but that girl's hair kinda makes her look like Lorde. What do you think about "Royals" anyway? Pretty good jam huh? Or maybe you're hanging out with another model, Ashley Moore? Is she going to be in the new video too? Or is this just further proof of your modeling stint with Calvin Klein?

Well anyway, thanks for talking. Sorry you couldn't tell me more. I'll just keep an eye on your Instagram like I always do. Oh and next time you're headed to Ibiza, LMK, I'd love to come with! Talk soon.

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