Ariana Grande, Normani, And Nicki Minaj Scold Shitty Partners On 'Bad To You'

They shouldn’t have to turn up the heat for you to treat them better

Whipping a partner into shape is the worst, so let the new super-powered team of Ariana Grande, Normani, and Nicki Minaj explain to you why it sucks so bad. Their new collaboration, "Bad To You," is out now and it's a sultry pre-breakup pop song about a slacking partner who just can't seem to do right. We've all been there at some point, so this mellow take on this frustrating emotion hits hard. And it'll make you dance, too.

First, it's leaving the toilet seat up. Then, it's not returning phone calls because they're watching a movie. Before you know it, you're just an afterthought on Valentine's Day. "Bad To You" is for people who've been in this situation and have had to confront their partner about their shitty treatment. Why do you have to tell them that they're falling off for them to realize it? "Now I pull your chain / Just to wake you up, wake you up / Push you 'til you break / Now you're stepping up, stepping up," Normani sings, her eyes rolling as she does.

Grande isn't going to just stand for anything. So she went ahead and gave her partner a taste of their own medicine and was satisfied with the results. "Got you trippin', gave you no attention / That's when I figured out what you're about," she chanteuses while smirking. Nicki, however, isn't as forgiving. "I ain't 'bout to stay up on this merry-go-round and round / Because we go 'round and 'round / But I don't want no clowns around me," she raps. Harsh! It's clear that, by the end of the song, all three of their partners will be forever changed. Hopefully for the better.

"Bad To You" appears on the soundtrack to Charlie's Angels that is now out. The LP also features the Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey collaboration, "Don't Call Me Angel."

Check out the lyric video for "Bad To You" up above.

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