Here's Everything We Know About 'Scream Queens'

We're pretty sure Nick Jonas gets naked.

"Scream Queens" is serving up its scares with a side of camp, and we could not be more excited for it. The Fox series, which premieres on Tuesday, follows a college campus struck by a series of murders and the sorority girls who find themselves in the middle of it all. It's campy, instantly quotable and oh-so-effing-fun.

We first fell in love with Ryan Murphy's upcoming horror-comedy when it dropped a scary AF bubblegum teaser starring Emma Roberts as Kappa Kappa Tau (KKT for short) sorority president -- and resident mean girl -- Chanel. She rules Kappa with an couture-clad, iron fist.

Chanel has no qualms dissing you to your face. In fact, she loves to refer her pledges as "idiot hookers." As for her sisters, well, she's named them all Chanel because she can't be bothered to learn their names. Enter KKT's new pledges, a group of collegiate misfits looking to score popularity, a coveted internship with Diane Sawyer and all of the ~cool~ things that come with being a Kappa.

Zayday (Keke Palmer), with an endless amount of swag, is obviously the kind of sorority sister who's going to tell you exactly how she feels. And then there's Hester (Lea Michele), a morbid weirdo who wants desperately to be a Chanel. Last, but not least, legacy pledge Grace (Sklyer Samuels) is totally Final Girl material with her "good heart" and "innocent demeanor" -- but tbh, who knows what can happen at Kappa. The Red Devil killer doesn't seem particularly choosy...

Basically, there's going to be a lot of sass and shade, aka Murphy's specialty, thrown around in "Scream Queens."

If camp and gore aren't your thing, then GTFO. (Sorry, we're only kinda kidding.) However, we think the impressive list of stars in this cast will make even the wimpiest of horror wimps tune in. The ensemble cast includes Nasim Pedrad, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nick Jonas, Oliver Hudson, Keke Palmer, Ariana Grande and Abigail Breslin. Filming is currently underway in New Orleans, so you can expect plenty of behind-the-scenes Instas from the cast, like this one of Michele teasing her "new journey" as Hester.

So if you're just as excited about "Scream Queens" are we are, here's a list of everything we know about the series -- because we love you. And also, because we want to speculate about what Nick Jonas is (and isn't) wearing under that robe.

Chanel is the president of Kappa Kappa Tau.


Scream Queens

Otherwise known as KKT. Chanel is the HBIC on campus, and when MTV News caught up with Roberts last December, she teased that Chanel is "even better than Madison Montgomery." Oh hell yes. Having seen the amazing two-hour premiere of "Scream Queens," we are pleased to report that Chanel #1 is a star-making role for Roberts, who chews up every scene she's in -- and delivers every ridiculously cruel line with gusto.

Zayday is totally the Cool Girl on campus.


Scream Queens

It looks like this reluctant sorority girl takes a more lax approach to sorority things. But that doesn't mean she's totally A-OK with having her life be put in danger when a psycho Red Devil is killing off Kappas. The premiere doesn't give Palmer a lot to do, but Zayday is already one of our favorite characters. We know our girl is destined for some killer screen time.

Heads will roll.


Scream Queens

No, seriously. They will roll, and they will actually kinda explode. (Who knew a lawnmower could do that to a human head?!) "Scream Queens" manages to strike a perfect balance between horror and hilarity. It feels like a campy B-grade slasher flick in the best way. One death in particular had us ROFL -- in which the Red Devil and its daft victim text each other while standing merely a foot away from one another. It almost makes you cheer when the sorority girl gets what's coming to her -- because when there's a killer in your bedroom, girl, you RUN, not text.

Nick Jonas will be taking off his clothes.


Nick Jonas Scream Queens

The younger JoBro was spotted on set of "Scream Queens" in NOLA wearing nothing but a robe, so this obviously means Jonas' character Boone -- a member of the golf fraternity, the Dickie Dollar Scholars -- will be getting naked, and we are so ready. And apparently, so is he. "Just finished my first day of @ScreamQueens this should be fun," Jonas tweeted earlier this summer WITH THE PURPLE DEVIL EMOJI. Quit playing games with our heart, Nick!

That being said, Nick's performance in the pilot is some of his finest work -- and we're not just saying that because he gets shirtless. Prepare to fall in love with Boone.

Lea Michele is nearly unrecognizable.


Scream Queens

According to Michele, her character Hester is "out-of-control crazy, insane and hilarious." OK, tell us more. "A lot of people working on 'Scream Queens' are our crew from 'Glee,'" she told USA Today. "When I went on my first day, no one even recognized me. This is like my Charlize Theron in 'Monster' moment." Woah, girl. That does sound pretty intense. We're going to assume that Michele is referring to her neckbrace-wearing character's interest in death and decomposing flesh. (This girl knows how to cover up a crime scene and it is both impressive and super effing terrifying.)

Jamie Lee Curtis KILLS it.



If there's one woman who could give Roberts' a run for her money as the HBIC on campus, it's OG scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis as Dean of Wallace University Cathy Munsch. "Scream Queens" isn't just about spoiled teens behaving badly; in this universe, the adults are anything but innocent.

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