Emma Roberts Explains Why 'Scream Queens' Will Be Even Better Than 'American Horror Story'

Plus, find out what Roberts really thinks about newcomer Finn Wittrock.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

Between Sarah Paulson signing on to "American Crime Story" and Emma Roberts taking the lead in "Scream Queens," it can be tough to get your Ryan Murphy "American Horror Story" spin-offs straight. But that won't be the case when Fox's "Queens" debuts next fall, since Roberts herself told MTV News that its horror-comedy format sets the new show apart from the rest.

"The new show 'Scream Queens' is going to be so good," Roberts told MTV News at z100's Jingle Ball. "It's much more comedy, which I love, and I think Ryan Murphy does comedy so well. I was laughing out loud when he was telling me about it, and Jamie Lee Curtis is on it!"

That's not all -- Roberts added that her character, who will live in the world of a college campus that has been ravaged by murders, will be even better received that her "AHS: Coven" fan-favorite.

"My character -- which I can't tell you about yet -- it's even better than Madison Montgomery," she teased.

... Let's just hope she comes to a better end.