Things That Make You Go Hmmm: Is Ronnie Telling The Truth About His 'Jersey' Brawl?

According to Pauly, the story 'doesn't add up'

We've been down this road before with Ronnie and Jen on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation -- and just when you think the two have dropped the drama, something gets in the way of their happily ever after.

During this week's episode, while Ron maintained that "the storm has calmed" between him and Jen, there have been a few, shall we say, questionable situations (pun intended).

For starters, Ron pulled a no-show at Mike and Lauren's wedding shower and failed to send a gift or a card. And then the night before Mike's fate-determining court date, the Las Vegas resident got jumped in Secaucus (of all places).


Here's what Ron says went down that night when he was out with Jen and her friend: After he refused a shot from a guy at the bar (he was driving, after all), the dude turned heckler and hit Ron in the back of the head, then ripped off his pricey chain. But his face told a different story -- most notably, a black eye and a few telltale scratches on his cheek.

Cue Captain Obvious Pauly D.

"Who gets scratched by a guy? It doesn't happen. You get scratched by a girl," said the DJ, referencing Ron and Jen's previous fights. "And he says he got hit in the back of the head, but he has a black eye. The story's fishy. It just doesn't add up."

The other roommates felt the same, with Vinny rocking air quotes and Snooki perceptively noting, "Why would you go out to a bar the night before Mike's sentencing? Especially with diamond f*cking necklaces. Like, who are you, Ja Rule? Stay home."


But what do you think? Is Ron covering up another round of Jen drama, or is he really just that unlucky when it comes to getting into fights? Share your thoughts, then catch another episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation next Thursday at 8/7c.

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