Will Family Vacation's Ronnie And Jen Ever Drop The Drama?

Pauly D, for one, isn't betting on it

Few things can put more strain on a relationship than adding a child to the mix -- just ask Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Part 2's Ronnie and and his baby mama Jen.

The show's latest episode saw Ron facing a major crossroads with his on-again, off-again girlfriend and mother of his child Ariana Sky. After it was revealed that Jen has been known to withhold baby from him for days at a time, the new father confessed that he's been going through a very tough time.

"When she says 'I'll take your kid away,' she takes my f*cking kid," he said of Jen.

That's when Ron's Jersey Shore fam convinced him to seek legal help so he can know his rights as a father. That prompted Pauly D, who has already engaged in his own custody battle over daughter Amabella, to pipe up.

"You're going to have to fight for your baby," Pauly stated.

Fast forward to the most awkward Family Vacation moment since Angelina's (um) incident -- while Ron was meeting with a lawyer, Jen showed up unannounced on a Ron hunt.

"I'm f*cking done with this sh*t," she spat. "I blocked him because he texted me over 300 times how I'm a whore, I'm a slut, I'm a b*tch. I have done nothing to him. I've been pregnant, and I have a two-month-old baby."

Pauly's brutally honest take? "That girl came to this room with an agenda, to tell her side of the story and paint this picture that Ronnie's this animal," he said. "I do not believe her. Jen is gangster, she's trying to play everybody."

Upon his arrival back at the hotel, Ron found himself feeling hopeful for a change -- but was also a bundle of nerves prior to Jen's visit. And he had good reason, as Jen soon rolled in on an expletive-laced "Ronpage" of her own.

"I don't want to hear your whole f*cking bullsh*t story," she yelled before again accusing Ronnie of sending the aforementioned text messages.

After the Bronx native reminded her that she constantly uses Ariana "as a f*cking pawn," Jen spit on him, pushed him and called him a series of names including "psychopath" and "f*cking loser."

Ronnie said this complete and total chaos is the "same thing that always happens," but do you think it can ever change? Will the volatile couple bounce back and learn to calmly co-parent for Ariana's sake, or will the insanity cycle prevail? Give us your thoughts, and tune in to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation every Thursday at 8/7c.