Drake And DJ Khaled Bring It ‘To The Max’ On Their New Single

Plus, Khaled’s new album has a cover and release date

DJ Khaled wasn't kidding when he said the Drake vocals were in. The two artists have reunited for a new collaboration called "To the Max" off of Khaled's forthcoming album, Grateful.

Drake sidles in over a fast jook beat on the new track, fully embracing his patented rap-singing mode. It's his first song with Khaled since last year's "For Free," and it already seems to be adding some weight to Grateful after the breezy jam "I'm the One."

Shortly after releasing the new song, Khaled unveiled Grateful's album cover, which depicts his baby son, Asahd, chilling in a hot tub. The album will be out before the end of the month, too — it's slated for a June 23 release.

With Nicki Minaj and Rihanna features on deck, Grateful promises a lot of surprises still to come.

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